The Bored Ape Gang Show

#10: Foot.eth - NFT Art

January 25, 2022 The Bored Ape Gang Episode 10
The Bored Ape Gang Show
#10: Foot.eth - NFT Art
Show Notes

Foot.eth is an NFT collector  focused mainly on Art. His parents have a background in traditional Art. He is also passionate about it but on the blockchain. Not many people focus on this area, so I am super excited that we recorded this episode. 

Listening to this episode will help you to understand NFT Art better. I learned a lot myself.

Let's goooooo. 

We talked about NFT beginnings, Collecting NFTs, Different Areas of NFT Art, Where to Start, NFT Photography, AI Art, Crypto art, How to evaluate Art, Art utility, Future, Where to buy NFT Art, and much more. 



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